Bryansk: Pyaterochka gets $17k fine for bribe

Bryansk: Pyaterochka gets $17k fine for bribe

Supervisor of Pyaterochka grocery chain has bribed officers of the Russian Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare with food.

The magistrate has issued a ruling in the administrative case against a Pyaterochka store in Bryansk opened for 'llegal reward on behalf of a legal entity'.

The magistrate fined Pyaterochka 1 million rubles ($17 thousand), according to Bryansk prosecutors.

Following an inspection to check Agrotorg's (the company is a part of в X5 Retail Group) compliance with anti-corruption laws, prosecutors of the Bezhitsky district (Bryansk) instigated an administrative case against the company for violation of part 1 of Art.19.28 of the Russian Code of Administrative Offenses.

The service discovered expired food on sale while inspecting a Pyaterochka store owned by Agrotorg in 2016, among other things. The shop supervisor gave the inspectors money and food (13,700 rubles total) to prevent them from fining the store.

Some of the inspectors were convicted of violation of article 291.2, part 1 (minor bribery) of the Russian Criminal Code, others of articles 33, part 5 and 291.2, part 1 (conspiracy to a minor bribe) of the Russian Criminal Code, depending on their role. The criminal case against the store employee has been terminated.



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