Brutal beating of Voronezh schoolgirl by teenagers in playground hits video 

Brutal beating of Voronezh schoolgirl by teenagers in playground hits video

The reason for the attack was messaging on social networks.

In Voronezh, a company of teenagers brutally beat a 13-year-old girl in one of the abandoned playgrounds.

A terrible incident occurred on the Bogdan Khmelnitsky street. The schoolgirl was beaten by an ex-girlfriend and a stranger, and three guys became witnesses, the newspaper Vesti Voronezh writes. Bullying the girl was filmed on the phone. The reason for the beating was a quarrel on VKontakte, in which a schoolgirl stood up for her mother.

All parties to the conflict are from 12 to 16 years old. The girl spent the first day after the incident in intensive care. Now the girl is again hospitalized in another hospital due to ongoing headaches.

The press service of the regional department of the MIA confirmed the fight.

“The police are conducting a thorough check; all parties to the conflict are being identified. Juvenile Affairs Office employees seized the video, as well as the correspondence on the Internet of the injured girl with the alleged offenders. So far, in the interests of the child, we can’t divulge the nuances, but we can assure: the police will establish everyone who is involved in this incident. Based on the results of the treatment of the girl a forensic medical examination will be made, and based on its results, the issue of who will be punished and what kind of punishment to give will be decided,” the police said.



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