Brother of Moscow Vice-Mayor forbidden to travel abroad

Brother of Moscow Vice-Mayor forbidden to travel abroad
Pyotr Biryukov’s younger brother Aleksey

Aleksey Biryukov was forbidden to travel abroad because of a case over bankruptcy.

The Arbitrazh Court of the capital forbid a departure abroad to a certain Aleksey Biryukov, whose INN coincides with INN of an alleged brother of Vice-Mayor Pyotr Biryukov, RBC reports.

According to the newspaper, the ban is connected with the case over bankruptcy - Aleksey Biryukov owed 800 thousand rubles ($13.9 thousand) to BM-bank after the organization filed a lawsuit against the official's relative.

It is remarkable that Pyotr Biryukov mentioned in one of the interviews that he has a brother Aleksey, but he could not name what kind of activity his relative conducts. According to the newspaper, the court considered the application of BM-bank PJSC for recognition of Biryukov bankrupt in March of this year and started the process of restructuring of debts concerning the businessman.

The decision on Aleksey Biryukov's restriction of the right to departure abroad was passed on July 13, RBC specifies. The decision is made according to the statement of the financial managing director, which specified that Biryukov did not transfer the necessary data on the property, which is required for debt restructuring.

However, in August the court refused to arrest Biryukov's shares in the authorized capital of three companies belonging to him - USL Betonsnab LLC, USL Otdelstroy LLC, USL Spetsstroymekhanization LLC.

Representatives of the Government of Moscow told the newspaper that they did not know about Aleksey Biryukov's bankruptcy.



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