Brother of killed Andrey Gosht told what house surveillance cameras fixed

Brother of killed Andrey Gosht told what house surveillance cameras fixed
Killed Andrey Gosht

Evgeny Gosht told that he was not persuaded by the story of the murder’s lucrative impulse.

The Samara Regional Court postponed consideration of the criminal case on the murder of the police officer Andrey Gosht and five members of his family. The reason was the absence of sufficient number of candidates for the jury trial. As the court spokesman Tatiana Gracheva told Interfax there were only 5 from 12 candidates. The formation of the jury trial was postponed till November, 30.

Meanwhile, the brother of the deceased policeman Evgeny Gosht stumbled at the guilt of the accused. In an interview with KP, he said that criminals were in the house of his brother in order to kill, not for feather nest. The video from surveillance cameras, according to the brother of the killed police officer, does not prove the guilt of the accused, as it is impossible to see the faces of criminals. "On the record it fixed that one man went into the house, then two more came. Another saw after the family through the window. And then at the camera a glove was wore. In fact, nothing is fixed; my family could be beaten and killed by others. And someone could specifically choose these accused, promised them that nothing happened, showed them before cameras and that is all". Recall that 2 of 4 defendants - Mahadali Ahmadov and Orkhan Zahrabov insisted on the jury trial. None of the defendants has concluded the pre-trial agreement, because no one pleads guilty. At the request of the victims the process will be private.

Video: the interview with KP

According to the results of a sensational case investigation, investigators have put forward the most improbable version of the massacre - in their opinion, the attackers pursued lucrative impulse.

According to the lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov, the private hearings format was chosen because ICR employees do not want to disclose details of the investigation process. Defendants’ testimonies raised the question. According to law enforcement officials, the suspects admitted that they decided to rob the house of a police officer, but did not expect that in the house there were a lot of people and started killing by surprise. However, during questioning Fatileev could not explain why he decided to rob the house of a police officer, while every resident of the village knew where Andrey Gosht lived. Also defendants could not explain why finding sleeping people in the house they decided to kill everyone, including child, rather than to leave the property of the policeman.

The ex-Deputy of the State Duma Alexander Khinshtein also criticized the version of the robbery saying that there was no evidence of the money and valuables search. The criminals did not even take earrings and chainlet of Gosht’s wife.

When the board is formed, 12 main and several spare jurors will study the details of the case.



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