British police say new Salisbury poisoning was fake news

British police say new Salisbury poisoning was fake news
Anna Shapiro and husband Alex King

Anna Shapiro and Alex King have been discharged from Salisbury Hospital; doctors had not found any poisonous substances in their blood.

The British police believe the Salisbury incident on September 16, when a Russian woman Anna Shapiro and her husband Alex King allegedly got poisoned was a hoax, BBC reported.

The police will consider other lines of inquiry until King is questioned. The Salisbury Hospital reported that the spouses were discharged since no poisonous substances had been found in their blood.

Yesterday, Anna Shapiro gave an interview to The Sun revealing that she was the daughter of a high-ranking Russian military official, who had been forced to leave London amid death threats. She added she had also received anonymous threats from someone who introduced themselves as her father. According to Shapiro, Russia might consider her a British spy. The Sun removed the interview "for legal reasons" in the evening of September 19.

The Mirror reported that Shapiro had provided escort services, while Alex King had been charged with 12 counts of drug trafficking, including cocaine and ecstasy.



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