Bribetakers, sex offenders, swindlers. Every tenth senator in Russia prosecuted

Bribetakers, sex offenders, swindlers. Every tenth senator in Russia prosecuted
Rauf Arashukov

There’s a total of 170 members in the Federation Council. Every tenth senator is being prosecuted.

17 members of the the upper house of parliament of the Russian Federation have been criminally prosecuted over the last 10 years. They were accused of rape abuse, murders, bribetaking, and swindling. This curious statistics has been published on Nastoyashcheye vremya by a Russian public figure and a head of the International human rights group Agora, as well as a member of the President of Russia’s Council on Civil Society and Human Rights Pavel Chikov.

He provides specific examples. In 2011, then-representative of Kalmykia in the Federation Council Igor Provkin was found guilty of rape abuse. Investigation found that he was giving a 24-year-old woman a ride and in the end beat and raped her.

In court, he said it had been “stress-related.” He received 4 years of suspended sentence.

A year earlier, senator Igor Iszmestiev case blew up. He was sentenced to life in prison for arranging a murder. He was accused of an attempted assassination of a son of Bashkiria’s former president Ural Rakhimov and murders of a former accountant general of ZAO Bashneftekhimtorg Valery Speransky and a Moscow notary officer Galina Perepelkina.

In 2017, Moscow’s Tverskoy court delivered its verdict towards a former senator from Chechnya Umar Jabrailov, having sentenced him to 500 thousand rubles ($7.6 thousand) fine for shooting in Four Seasons hotel in the center of Moscow. CrimeRussia then reported white powder reminiscent of cocaine had been found in Jabrailov’s hotel room.

In 2018, Moscow’s Dorogomilovsky court handed down its judgement in absentia in Sovkomflot case: in particular, a former senator from Volgograd region and the company’s former CEO - 48-year-old Dmitry Skarga was found guilty. He was sentenced to 12 years in a colony for creation of a criminal community, abuse of power or authority, extortion on an especially large scale, and legalization of money derived by illegal means.

In addition to the 12 condemned, there are former senators who are put on a federal and international wanted list: Dmitry Krivitsky, Sergey Pugachev, Leonid Lebedev. Another ex-senator Viacheslav Derev is under custody on a charge of swindling on an especially large scale.

With that, taking into consideration there’s a total of 170 members in the Federation Council, every tenth senator is being prosecuted, including the recent high-profile case of the Karachay-Cherkessia senator.



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