Brazilian MMA fighter says he knows Nurmagomedov’s weak point

Brazilian MMA fighter says he knows Nurmagomedov’s weak point

Patricio Freire is convinced that he can win over Khabib.

32-year-old Brazilian mixed martial artists Patricio Freire has told reporters he knows what part of the UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov the most vulnerable.

The Brazilian representing Bellator expressed confidence that he would be able to win over the Russian whose fighting skills are “all the same.” With that, the Brazilian says he would knock Khabib clean out.

“Starting from his very first match, he pushes a guy against a cage and goes with his one foot. No one ever tried to fend off with a knee. He has a huge deficiency on the feet so I can catch him,” Freire told MMA Fighting.

Besides that, the Brazilian commented upon Nurmagomedov’s recent match against an American Dustin Poirier. Freire noted that in his opinion, Khabib’s opponent was not a strong enough fighter and with that, the Russian looked quite lost at stance.

During the UFC tournament in Abu-Dhabi, Nurmagomedov won over Poirier in the third round with a chokehold which became his 28th victory and earned him more than $6 million and thousands of new fans. The Russian remains undefeated still.

Patricio Freire is a two-time Bellator World Champion. He has 29 victories and 4 defeats at MMA.

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