Brain-twister inspired by gunplay in Moscow City: who got service Makarov gun of Rosgvardiya employee? 

Brain-twister inspired by gunplay in Moscow City: who got service Makarov gun of Rosgvardiya employee?
Among friends. Gavril Yushvaev with thieves in law Shishkan and Petrik

The initiators of the conflict in Oko tower of the Moscow City business centre, which resulted in at least 6 people receiving gunshot wounds and another six being detained, were security guards of billionaire Gavril Yushvaev, known in criminal circles as Garik Makhachkalinsky.⁠

During the conflict in Oko tower of Moscow City complex, which ended in a gunfight, a service gun was stolen from one of the employees of federal state unitary enterprise Okhrana (Security), who participated in it. This became known from sources in the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow yesterday. Later the loss of Makarov's military pistol was officially confirmed by the National Guard.

Alexander Khinshteyn, an adviser to the director of National Guard told Interfax that the gun has been stolen from a wounded officer at a time when he could not resist any longer.

According to him, the soldiers of National Guard,  guarding the car with cargo, hearing the noise at about 9:30 pm, made an attempt to impede the conflict between the guards. The first time they succeeded, the fighters returned, but after a while the conflict re-spiked, and the siloviki returned to Oko tower again, where they were injured during the shootout. As The CrimeRussia has reported, among the injured were two employees of Okhrana enterprise - 49-year-old Dmitry Yakobson and 36-year-old Dmitry Ivanchev. One of them has a tangential wound to the head, the second – a penetrating wound of the abdominal cavity, a bullet was extracted from the spine. Both wounded are reported to have already been operated on, they are out of danger.

Yesterday the edition RBC wrote, referring to a source in law enforcement agencies, that the soldiers of Rosgvardiya carried out personal protection of one of the leaders of Izmailovskaya gang Dmitry Pavlov (Pavlik), whose anniversary gathered in Crystal Ball Room restaurant in Oko tower important guests, who were to be entertained by Grigory Leps, Valery Meladze and Lyubov' Uspenskaya.

The source of The CrimeRussia has previously informed that among them were two well-known Slavic thieves in law Oleg Shishkanov (Oleg Ramensky, Shishkan) and Sergey Aksenov (Aksen), and the leader of Podolskaya group, Sergey Lalakin (Luchok), as well as Forbes-listed billionaire Gavril Yushvaev, known in criminal circles as Garik Makhachkala. It was his guards who instigated the conflict.


Gavril Yushvaev

Initially the government agency did not comment on the tasks of the two Rosgvardiya officers, who participated in it. However, when it transpired that they were guarding criminal authority Pavlik, a representative of Okhrana enterprise belonging to Rosgvardiya, Valery Gribakin, was first to make a rebuttal statement, in which he adamantly excluded such a possibility. He stated that the guards were guarding the cargo of Intourist-Holding Company OJSC and accidentally found themselves in the parking lot during the conflict. Alexander Khinshtein also denied the protection of Dmitry Pavlov by the Russian guards.

"The employees of Okhrana acted correctly. First: they did not protect criminal authorities; the second – they did not partake in the conflict, rather, they tried to quell it. And the third: they received injuries while performing their duties," said the adviser to the director of the agency. Earlier, Valery Gribakin noted that the agency planned to reward the wounded employees.

Meanwhile, RBC's sources in law enforcement agencies claim that although National Guard's employees were hired that evening by Intourist-Holding Company to "guard the car with cargo," later the chief of the special squadron received a call from the company and was informed that on the evening of November 17 guarding of the representative of the customer company, Dmitry Pavlov, was scheduled in the territory of Moscow City. 

Among all else, the weapon stolen from the employee of Rosgvardiya has not yet been found. The suspects detained in connection with the incident did not have it as well. Since representatives of three security agencies participated in the conflict - in addition to Okhrana, there were the employees of the private security company, guarding Moscow City, and the personal security of Gavril Yushvaev, one can surmise that one of took the pistol a trophy.



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