Boy takes out his classmate’s eye during lessons

Boy takes out his classmate’s eye during lessons
The victim

The incident occurred in a classroom of third-graders.

There was an emergency in a Vologda region school. In the city of Belozersk, a third-grader took out his classmate’s eye with a pen during lessons.

The wound was severe, so the child was immediately hospitalized. He underwent emergency surgery in the Vologda Regional Ophthalmological Hospital. But even after prolonged surgical manipulation, doctors cannot assure the child’s parents that their son will be also to see with both his eyes. His sight may never recover. 

The mother of the schoolchild who attacked the other boy works as a foreign language teacher at the same school. Parents of schoolchildren told reporters that her son had previously been aggressive towards classmates, but no one had applied any measures to him.

The school principal declined to comment on the situation.



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