Boxer robs Moscow McDonald’s due to alimony debts 

Boxer robs Moscow McDonald’s due to alimony debts

On October 21, Ivan Pamshev raided the venue.

According to REN TV, boxer Ivan Pamshev, 36, was detained on suspicion of robbing one of the McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow.

It is to be recalled that on the morning of October 21, a man with two pistols raided the restaurant. A video from a surveillance camera, capturing the crime, was published on the Internet.

The footage shows an armed man, whose face was hidden by a medical mask, approaching the checkout counter. Threatening employees with firearms, he begins to demand money. The managers gave the attacker about 11,000 rubles ($ 172) from the cash register. The cashiers did not have time to press the panic button before the robber left the venue. 

It is assumed that the robber came to the restaurant by taxi, and after committing the daring crime, he, apparently, decided to save money and left by bus. 

According to REN TV, Ivan Pamshev committed the crime, since he had a child support debt of about 30,000 rubles ($ 500).

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