Chief of policeman millionaire Zakharchenko exiled to Yaroslavl region

Chief of policeman millionaire Zakharchenko exiled to Yaroslavl region
Andrey Kurnosenko

The CrimeRussia found out about Andrey Kurnosenko’s new post.

The GUEBiPK Head Major General Andrey Kurnosenko is to become the Head of the Directorate of Internal Affairs in the Yaroslavl region, the CrimeRussia found from an informed source. Earlier it was reported that Mr. Zakharchenko got disciplinary penalties "for failure to take appropriate measures to strengthen service discipline and legality in the assigned department." Other sources claimed, because of the Zakharchenko's case, he had resigned already on September 13. However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not confirm this fact, saying that the service checs in relation to the anti-corruption department and its officials never stopped and it was premature to speak of any decisions. Now we know that he will be indeed dismissed and transferred.

Let us recall that Dmitry Zakharchenko, the former Acting Head of the Department T of the MIA Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption (GUEBiPK) was arrested on September 9, 2016. He was charged with Abuse of Official Powers (Art. 285 of the Criminal Code), receiving an especially large Bribe (Art. 290), and Obstruction of Justice and Preliminary Investigation (Art. 294).



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