Boris Mints Cyprus offshore gets its $24mln for Chubays’s house back 

Boris Mints Cyprus offshore gets its $24mln for Chubays’s house back
Anatoly Chubays

Head of Rosnano did not get the luxury house in the Odintsovo district. When he transferred the company to his former partner Ilya Suchkov, the latter demanded twice the amount for the land and real estate.

The Arbitration Court has granted the claim of O1 Trust Services ltd, registered in Cyprus and allegedly owned by Boris Mints, to recover over $24 million from the Swiss company JSK SFO Consept AG.

According to RIA Novosti, this is reported in the resolution of the Moscow Arbitration Court’s decision.

According to the statement of claim, the plaintiff demanded that JSK SFO Consept AG and co-defendant in the claim — the Moscow LLC SFO Concept Consulting — pay off debts under two loan agreements from April 3, 2012 and October 1, 2012.

Earlier, Forbes reported that the loans had been granted for the construction of a house for Rosnano head Anatoly Chubays in Peredelki village, Odintsovo district of the Moscow region by the company of Chubays’s friend, O1 Trust Services ltd.

The agency notes that before the Russian officials were prohibited to own foreign assets, SFO belonged to Anatoly Chubays, but then he sold it. According to Vedomosti, the Swiss company was transferred to his partner, Suchkov, with loans for $20 million. Using this money, the Rosnano head planned to buy out real estate, however, upon completion of the construction, SFO said that the site and the house were worth at least $50 million, the newspaper wrote citing a friend of Chubays.

As Anatoly Chubays wrote on social networks, after he refused to buy the house, he began to receive secret records of business negotiations with the threat of their publication. According to Chubays, the publications with allegations that the head of Rosnano was engaged in the legalization of cash through the sale of real estate, were initiated by Suchkov.


SFO Consept’s property in the Peredelki village, comprising of a land plot with an area of 15 Ares, a house with an area of 2.6 thousand sqm, a guest house, a security house, a garage, and a high pressure gas pipeline, had been previously arrested as part of a claim filed by the Cypriot Crizna Holdings Ltd against SFO Consept AG. In March, the Arbitration Court of the Bryansk region granted the claim of $7.8 million.

The defendant's representative had previously submitted to the Moscow Arbitration Court the reports on the assessment of real estate, according to which its value exceeds $30 million. The plaintiff claimed that the value of the property is much less. The court appointed an expert evaluation, but its results are still unknown. 

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