Border guards shot smuggler in Rostov region

Border guards shot smuggler in Rostov region

The Russian border guard officers were forced to use weapons when detaining a smuggler in the Krasnosulinsky district, the Rostov region.

According to TASS, driving a VAZ 2123 Niva without license plate number, the violator was smuggling about 7 thousand packs of cigarettes worth about 350 thousand rubles from the village of Voznesenovka, the Lugansk region of Ukraine, to Russia. The incident occurred near the Russian village of Verkhnyaya Kovalevka.

When the driver was asked to stop by the border guards, he made an attempt to hide in the territory of Russia. According to the agency, the trespasser’s driving behavior posed a threat to citizens and border guards.

Border guards had to use weapons to detain the offender, as a result of which he received tangential injuries to his left leg and arms, as the agency was told by the regional border department of the FSB.

The border guards provided first medical assistance to the detained smuggler, and then he was hospitalized.

The FSB administration of the Rostov region is deciding on initiating an investigation into the incident under 'Smuggling of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products.' 



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