Books signed by butcher professor Sokolov sold online

Books signed by butcher professor Sokolov sold online

They are offered for an impressive amount of money.

The books of St. Petersburg State University associate professor Oleg Sokolov, who confessed to the murder and dismemberment of the body of 24-year-old graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko, are now sold on the Internet.

According to Fontanka, the books signed by the author are now being sold at an impressive amount of money. For example, The Battle of Two Empires. 1805-1812 with an autograph of the author costs 24 thousand rubles ($376). Another work of Sokolov’s, The Battle of the Three Emperors, with a dedication, is sold at 22 thousand rubles ($334).

For 30 thousand rubles ($470), you can buy the first edition of the same book, which is an “extremely rare” copy.

Some historical works of Sokolov on the Napoleonic Wars can still be purchased in the online store for a price of 500 rubles ($8).

A man was taken out of the Moika River, St. Petersburg on November 9, and severed arms were found in his backpack. Suspect Oleg Sokolov turned out to be a historian, assistant professor of St. Petersburg State University. A search in the professor’s apartment uncovered the corrupted corpse of his 24-year-old graduate. Currently, Sokolov is in custody; he confessed. The professor will be there until January 8.



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