Bodyguard who tried to kill Isa Yamadayev was released

Bodyguard who tried to kill Isa Yamadayev was released
Havazh Yusupov

Havazh Yusupov was convicted of attempted murder of Isa Yamadayev. In 2010 he was sentenced to 8.5 years.

Havazh Yusupov was released on parole from prison in Pskov region. Having the opportunity to ask for parole in 2015, Yusupov filed a petition twice, but each time the court denied it. The last time it was motivated by the fact that he was not engaged in labor activity in the colony. As reported by Rosbalt, got a job in the colony, Yusupov appealed to the court again, which eventually made the decision to release him, taking into account time spent in custody prior to sentencing.


Being a bodyguard of Isa Yamadayev - a representative of a prominent family in Chechnya, Yusupov, 28 July 2009, was tried to kill Yamadayev in his apartment. However, knowing about the impending assassination investigators previously replaced military ammunition on the blank one. There Yusupov was detained by special forces soldiers.

During the interrogation, the failed assassin said that one very famous man in Chechnya made him to go on the offense, promising for it 1 million dollars. But then Yusupov received a better offer. The Advisor to the President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov Shaa Turlayev, with whom Yusupov fought during the Chechen wars, promised for the murder of Yamadayev 3 million dollars. In Moscow, Yusupov was handed a gun engraved with "To dear brother Isa from his brother Sulim" Its supposed to be left at the crime scene.

After the detention of Yusupova Shaa Turlayev was put on the federal wanted list as the organizer of the assassination. However, he was often seen in Chechnya. In 2014 he became a defendant in another case. In Khasavyurt residents of Chechnya Badrudin Dzhabrailov and Ramzan Kachaev were detained. They had 9-mm sniper rifle VSK-94, 26 rounds of ammunition for it and 100 thousand rubles. According to operative data, their task was the removal of the Head of the Khasavyurt’s municipality Saigidpasha Umahanova. During the preliminary investigation, one of the defendants admitted that this order they received from Shaa Turlayev. He supplied them with a sniper rifle and a large sum of money required for the operation.


According to the source of the agency, then Shaa has not allowed himself to openly appear in public, and most of the time he spent in the territory of one of the closed residences in the Gudermes district of Chechnya.

Yamadayev brothers are representatives of teip Benoy. In the first Chechen campaign they participated on the side of separatists, in the second they acted on the federal side.

The eldest of six brothers, the Colonel, the State Duma Deputy, the Hero of Russia Ruslan was killed in Moscow in 2008. One of the brothers, also a Hero of Russia, Sulim was killed in 2009 in Dubai. According to some reports, this was preceded by a conflict with Ramzan Kadyrov. After a failed attempt Isa Yamadayev appealed to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev through the media with a request to protect him, because he believed that the top leadership of the Chechen Republic he was hunted and he must be liquidated prior to January 1, 2010. In late August 2010, the media was informed of reconciliation Yamadayev and Kadyrov.



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