Boating station owner detained after tragedy leaving 11 dead

Boating station owner detained after tragedy leaving 11 dead
Dmitry Khakhalev

The investigation believes that the director general of the station did not prevent the ship from leaving the water area of the river, despite the fact that the owner of the catamaran had no permission.

The owner of the boat station, from where a catamaran of ex-official Dmitry Khakhalev put off to the Volga river, is detained. This is reported by the press service of the ICR Southern Investigation Department on Transport.

Investigators believe that the 47-year-old CEO of Pristan LLC failed to prevent the catamaran from putting off the harbor. Firstly, as it was previously reported, owner of the ship Dmitry Khakhalev was drunk, and also, he did not have permits for the transportation of passengers (he picked up 15 people instead of 11).

"According to preliminary data, the actions of the water transport owner resulted in the tragedy," said Svetlana Petrenko, the official representative of the agency, adding that the catamaran skipper who ran the boat ignored the light and sound signals from the barge, and also fleeted without lights.


Owner of boat station

Recall that the tragedy occurred near the cargo port of Voroshilovsky district of Volgograd. The catamaran, which hosted a birthday party of one of the local traffic cops, collided with a barge. On board the of the passenger's vessel there were 16 people. As a result, 11 people were killed, including a minor, five people were saved. A criminal case was opened after the incident.



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