BMW X3 of Rostov judge, who unscrewed plate after accident, repeatedly fined for traffic violation  

BMW X3 of Rostov judge, who unscrewed plate after accident, repeatedly fined for traffic violation
Alexander Gudkin (in police station) Photo: Screenshot of the video

Alexander Gudkin has been concealing his income for several years, Life claims.

The judge of the Azov district court, 59-year-old Alexander Gudkin, has violated the traffic rules more than once. The media, interested in his personality following a high-profile accident, found out that there is a huge number of fines behind the BMW X3, most of which are for speeding. The base of decisions of the Rostov courts contains information that the full namesake of the judge acted as a defendant for overspeeding back in 2015. At the same trial, the defendant stated that the car was registered in his wife - Ekaterina. The woman's name fully coincides with the name of the judge's wife.

Alexander Gudkin has been a judge for 17 years. Due to some reason, he has preferred to hush up his income for the last three years, since no declaration has been found on the website of the Azov court for the past three years. The judge specializes in criminal cases targeting theft, robbery, swindling and drugs.

The Gudkins themselves live in high style. Having moved from the village of Kagalnik many years ago, the family of the judge settled in a house on Petrovsky Avenue in the city of Azov. The wife of the servant of Themis has been engaged in the jewelry business since the mid-nineties. Gudkins' daughter Yulia is also successful - after receiving higher education she landed a job with Gazprom gas distribution Rostov-on-Don. Being 34, she regularly travels and uploads photos from various resorts.

The road accident, whose culprit is allegedly Alexander Gudkin, occurred early in the morning on November, 12 on the entry road to the city of Azov. The eyewitnesses of the incident told that the driver behind the wheel of the BMW X3 had headed into oncoming traffic, where he had crashed into a KIA Sportage, driven by a woman. There was a child in the car. To avoid an accident, the woman drove sideways and drifted the car away from a frontal attack. As a result of the maneuver the BMW flew into the side of the KIA. The collision caused injuries to the child. After the accident, Gudkin got out of his BMW X3 and unscrewed the license plate from his car, replacing it with another one. The eyewitnesses reported that he had had several sets of numbers in the trunk, and Gudkin himself was doddery and, most likely, was drunk at the time of the accident.

Upon the arrival of the traffic police officers, Gudkin showed everyone his judge certificate. He threatened the eyewitnesses and a passerby who took a video, showing him unscrewing the plate. At the police station, the judge refused to undergo a medical examination for alcohol. Gudkin still assures that at the time of the accident he was a passenger, not a car driver.



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