Blogger’s murderer boasts of his education and earnings 

Blogger’s murderer boasts of his education and earnings
Maksim Gareev

33-year-old Maksim Gareev claims that he committed the crime spontaneously.

Maksim Gareev, who was arrested for the murder of blogger Ekaterina Karaglanova, has made a confession. Previously, the media reported that the killer could have killed the girl after he did not pay for sex services. 

“I have four higher educations, I studied in London, and I had a salary of 500 thousand, and then there’s me sitting here,” Gareev confessed, noting that he had committed the murder spontaneously. 

He said that the girl was a “regular prostitute,” whom he had met a couple of times. According to him, she would charge 10 thousand rubles ($156) for her services. 

“If you look at the comments on her Instagram, you’ll see comments of her former clients. She had more than a thousand men,” the native of Bashkiria said. 


Earlier, the father of the detained person said that his son had got loans worth several millions and spent money on girls and cosmetologists. At the same time, the father confirmed that Gareev Jr. often showed aggression. 

To recall, the body of Ekaterina Karaglanova was found on Pyryev Street, Ramenki, on July 28. The criminal tried to hide the body in a suitcase. Karaglanova studied at a medical university and blogged on Instagram. She had more than 80 thousand subscribers.



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