Blagoveshchensk college shooter was bullied 

Blagoveshchensk college shooter was bullied
Danila Zasorin Photo: Social media

Two people were killed in the shooting.

Danila Zasorin, who shot up his college in Blagoveshchensk, had been bullied by a group of kids, reports Baza. One of them found out what had happened from his friends and said, “Thank God I’d left. He’d have definitely killed me because we’d been bullying the f*** out of him”.

He also retold the details of what had happened because another student who had been in the classroom told him the story.

“We were sitting in class, he said. He [the shooter] came up before the class and said to me [the friend], do you want to live? He [friend] said, are you out of your mind, shove off. Then the class begins, and this one bursts in, grabs the teacher. He throws her out and starts shooting. He killed two, and I jumped out the window, he said. Before that, a day or two earlier, they’d beaten him up or something.”


One of the victims

A student at the College of Civil Engineering staged a shooting at the educational institution. Danila Zasorin killed two people; one was injured, but survived. The shooter shot himself.

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