‘Black lumbermen’ gang manhandles Duma member in Siberia

‘Black lumbermen’ gang manhandles Duma member in Siberia
People’s deputy needed hospitalization

The parliamentarian actively fights devastation of forests.

Duma member of Irbeysky district in Krasnoyarsk region Sergey Cheusov has been attacked by the so called ‘black lumbermen’. The parliamentarian has been fighting against them for several years.

According to the local media, there were four of the attackers. They took the parliamentarian out of his car, drew him to the back of the local store and cruelly manhandled him, ordering him to stop checking “white spots” in the illegal logging. After the incident, Sergey Cheusov got to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury.

Police launched investigation following the incident. In his turn, Cheusov’s workmate Sergey Titov, a member of the regional legislature, has called for joining efforts to combat the uncontrolled crime that is going on with logging of taiga in Irbeysky district and all around Siberia.



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