Billionaire Zelimkhan Mutsoev from Edinaya Rossiya ashamed to be friends with thieves

Billionaire Zelimkhan Mutsoev from Edinaya Rossiya ashamed to be friends with thieves
Zelimkhan Mutsoev

He is now going out of his way to destroy all evidence of his affiliation with the criminals that could be found online.

Zelimkhan Mutsoev’s representatives complained about videos on YouTube showing certain details that they regard as violation of privacy. An extensive footage demonstrates birthday party of Rudolf Oganov (Rudik Bakinsky), thief killed during the ‘turbulent 90s’ in Moscow. Mutsoev himself is seen at the party that was held in December 1997. At the table he is surrounded by such infamous thieves in law as Givi Gordeladze (Givi Tbilissky), brothers Mamuka and Dzhemal (Dzhemo) Mikeladze, and Roman Dzhafarov (Romik Kurd).

The audience was entertained by the comedian Karen Avanesyan and the singer Lyubov Uspenskaya. Mutsoev obviously knew the other guests as he often hugged and kissed someone, including the birthday boy himself.

Rudolf Oganov’s grave in Moscow’s Armenian cemetery

Rudolf Oganov’s grave in Moscow’s Armenian cemetery

Zelimkhan Mutsoev is not just a businessman, who used to own Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant, and was co-owner of Uralkali and Polyus Gold. Now, his children run GC Region unitary enterprise. In 2012, Mutsoev ranked 66 in the Forbes’s list of Russia’s richest businessmen, having a fortune of $1.5 billion. He is also well received in political circles, which makes such dubious ‘popularity’ rather undesirable for a State Duma Deputy, who had been first elected in 1999, and became a Edinaya Rossiya member in 2005. Therefore, he began to take measures even before the law known as the "right to oblivion" was adopted. We know, for example, that there have been attempts to whitewash Mutsoev’s younger brother Amerkhan Mori, who had been known as a thief in law both in Russia and Georgia since 1998.

Our readers may be aware that the "right to oblivion" allowing any person to request the search engines to remove links to information about the person that he or she may consider inaccurate or distributed in violation of the law, as well as outdated (it should be older than three years), was adopted in 2015. That is, when Mutsoev was a deputy. Just one MP voted against it, Dmitry Gudkov.

Many were quick to take advantage of the new law, including Sergey Mikhailov, who is now an influential businessman, in criminal circles known as Mikhas. He appealed to Yandex and Google asking to remove links where his name is affiliated with a gang. Earlier media referred to Mikhailov as an active member of Solntsevskaya gang.



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