Billionaire-blogger: Usmanov filmed video to Navalny on his personal yacht 

Billionaire-blogger: Usmanov filmed video to Navalny on his personal yacht
Alisher Usmanov

The recording of the video was "amateur" as opposed to the lawsuit that Usmanov agreed with the Kremlin.⁠

Billionaire Alisher Usmanov recorded a video message to oppositionist Alexey Navalny on his Dilbar yacht with the iPhone 7 Plus attached to the tripod, RBC reported referring to a source surrounded by a businessman.

The recording of the appeal was Usmanov's personal initiative, he did not coordinate it with the authorities, in contrast to the lawsuit against Navalny, which was submitted in consultation with the Kremlin.

In the video, Usmanov responded to the claims that Navalny regularly refers to him. To prove this, the representatives of the businessman gave the publication documents proving his rightness. In particular, journalists received the verdict of the military tribunal of Uzbekistan, according to which in 1980 the future billionaire received eight years of imprisonment for fraud and complicity in taking bribes. It does not refer to rape, as Navalny said. In 2000, the businessman was rehabilitated. In addition, Usmanov's representatives provided documents showing that in 2016 he paid 2.7 billion rubles ($47m) in taxes, and over the past 10 years - about $500 million in taxes. Navalny previously stated that the businessman evades paying taxes.

Video: Usmanov vs. Navalny

The video message Usmanov released yesterday, before the preliminary session of the court on the suit on protection of honor and dignity, which he filed to Navalny after the release of the film He Is Not Your Dimon. In the video message Usmanov deliberately appeals to Navalny for "you", calls the oppositionist "scoundrel" and "loser" and within 12 minutes accuses Navalny of lying.

In the film He Is Not Your Dimon it was alleged that Usmanov donated to the Sotsgosproekt Foundation, headed by Ilya Yeliseev, a classmate of Medvedev, a 5-billion-ruble estate in Rublevka. Navalny considers these actions a bribe. The businessman denies this. In an interview with Vedomosti, Usmanov said that he had exchanged it for another site owned by the fund. Both of them cost about $50 million, so, according to Usmanov, the balance was "about 50 to 50".

Later, Alexey Navalny invited Usmanov to debate, and promised to publish a detailed answer to all the claims of the billionaire next week.



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