Billionaire Prigojin's bodyguard is convicted of attempted seizure of FSB camera 

Billionaire Prigojin's bodyguard is convicted of attempted seizure of FSB camera
Sergey Plaschenko

In St. Petersburg, Vasileostrovskiy District Court sentenced Sergei Plaschenko, a businessman Prigojin's chauffeur to two years' probation for "use of violence" against a FSB expert.

In St. Petersburg 28-year-old Sergey Plaschenko, the Kremlin Chef Prigojin's bodyguard, got a suspended sentence for assaulting Aleksey Chepizhko, a senior reviewer with the FSB. Plaschenko was charged under part 1 of Article 318 of the Criminal Code (Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Power).

The prosecutor demanded that Plaschenko, who is a former Spetznaz, should get 3 years probation. However, the Court returned a verdict sentencing the defendant to imprisonment for 2 years with a probation period of 3 years. Plaschenko's pregnant wife was the reason behind such a lenient decision. The woman told the court that she and her eldest daughter from her previous marriage were financially dependent at full on the accused. Besides, the Plaschenko's lawyer submitted positive characteristics of his client as well as some details of his exemplary service in the Internal troops.

Sergey Plaschenko said that he had already apologized to his victim Alexey Chepizhko.

The incident took place on the 25th of May, 2016. Traffic police officers chased two BMW 760s and a Nissan Patrol with strobe beacon lights. When demanded to stop, the motorcade attempted to escape. Later, the cars were stopped near Trezzini Square. The BMW driver refused to get out of the car and produce his papers. The case shows that the 28-year-old bodyguard was trying to snatch a camera from the hands of the senior FSB reviewer Aleksey Chepizhko who was filming what was happening. According to the prosecutor, Plaschenko delivered at least five blows to Chepizhko. Meanwhile, Plaschenko's defense remarked that Chepizhko’s hands showed no traces of physical violence and the bodyguard was just trying for 20 seconds to wave the camera away.

The incident the criminal case was based on was filmed.

Video: Police and the Federal Security Service detained Prigojin's motocade

The lawyer said the CCTV recording did not show any movements typical for a strike; he was not pushing the victim or tearing his clothes, nor was he insulting him.

As reported by Rosbalt, Plaschenko had been charged with illegal use of strobe beacon lights, as well as with disobedience to MIA officers. The lights were dismantled and removed. Similar charges were made against the Nissan's driver.

Earlier the Media reported that Evgeniy Prigojin, an entrepreneur and the owner of the Konkord company, was inside one of the cars. Konkord supplies food to government agencies and organizes events for the first persons of the state.

According to the Novaya Gazeta, the restaurateur also leads St. Petersburg's Internet Troll Factory that spreads tailor-made comments on various topics in social networks.

According to the Fontanka, Sergey Plaschenko is now looking for a new job. Five days after the conflict with the law enforcement agencies his profile page was seen on a job-hunting website.



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