Billion-ruble account of Domodedovo owner distrained

Billion-ruble account of Domodedovo owner distrained
Domodedovo Airport Photo: Marina Lastsieva

The Investigative Committee filed a motion to distrain a bank account in the framework of the criminal case against airport top managers. The attorney for victims intends to appeal the distrainment.

The Basmanny District Court of Moscow have distrained a 1 billion ruble account of the Domodedovo Airport owner. RIA Novosti reports, siting Igor Trunov, the attorney for victims, that the motion was filed by the Investigative Committee. According to the lawyer, neither a representative for victims, nor defense for the airport owner Dmitry Kamenshik were allowed to attend the hearing. Both the prosecutor’s office and representatives for victims oppose this decision. They intend to appeal the distrainment. Initially it was announced that airport assets are to be distrained. 

“We oppose such a decision, especially taking that the victims have withdrawn their lawsuits against the airport management (after receiving compensations for the terrorist attack of 2011). We will appeal it,” – Trunov said.

Later Trunov explained that this is not about airport assets, but about Kamenshik’s bank account. A distrainment has been levied upon a 1 billion rubles account in Raiffeisen Bank.

To refresh background: the airport’s Aviatsionny Charitable Fund has already transferred payments to 80 victims of the terrorist attack. The Domodedovo Management agreed to pay compensations in exchange for withdrawal of lawsuits against the airport. Both the plaintiffs and defenders confirmed that the withdrawal of lawsuits is not a reason for dismissal of the criminal case against Dmitry Kamenshik and three other Domodedovo top managers. They are accused of provision of services that do not meet safety requirements, which caused death of two and more persons (part 3 of Article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). 

According to the investigation, the airport management did not introduce mandatory checking procedures for all people entering the airport building; this was used by a suicide bomber. On January 24, 2011 he brought an explosive device and activated it. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case but then closed it. However, in 2015 the case was reopened again. The Prosecutor General’s Office does not support the investigators and requires to stop criminal proceedings against Dmitry Kamenshik.

Some time ago the investigation began gathering documents required to distrain airport real assets to ensure that compensations are paid to victims. According to airport official documents, DME Ltd. holding company includes a Cypriote Hasienda Investments Ltd., which owns all Domodedovo buildings and lands. It’s unclear yet whether the assets will be distrained to prevent their sale or to shut down all airport operations. The court did not comment the information on assets distrainment yet.

Experts had repeatedly suggested that the pressure on Dmitry Kamenshik may be linked to possible raiding seizure of the airport.



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