Before buying gun Kerch shooter robbed his grandmother

Before buying gun Kerch shooter robbed his grandmother

A relative of Vladislav Roslyakov told the new details about his life.

Student Vladislav Roslyakov, who caused an explosion at the Kerch Polytechnic College and shot his fellow students, could have bought a gun with the money stolen from his grandmother. After the tragedy, the latter discovered that she was short of 20 thousand rubles ($ 300). She kept the money in a cosmetics bag next to a photo album, and a month before his death, Roslyakov took away all the family photos.

“I have lost 20 thousand rubles. They were kept in a cosmetics bag next to a photo album. The money is gone. He (Roslyakov) could have found out about this (the stash) even earlier, when he took the photos,” Taisiya Roslyakova told Life.

The grandmother of the Kerch shooter learned the details of his grandson's death two days later. Investigators came and searched her place but did not say anything about Vladislav. A month before, the young man took all the family photos, allegedly wanted to make a new photo album, Komsomolskaya Pravda v Ukraine reports.

According to Roslyakova, the grandson’s father constantly drank, so the family left him. The young man himself was sitting at home at the computer all the time. After the college, he was supposedly going to join the military. “When he grew up, he became aloof, sombre,” Roslyakova shared her memories.

The local district policeman did not know that the young man had bought a gun. As the local police explained to Komsomolskaya Pravda, data from the National Guard arrives at the beginning of each year. The buyer himself is not obliged to notify the district policeman.

It is to be recalled that on October 17 at the Kerch Polytechnic College, an explosion occurred, which injured about 50 people. The explosion and gunshot wounds killed 21 people. Vladislav Roslyakov pre-planned the massacre and committed suicide before the arrival of rescuers and the police.



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