Beating of rapper in electric train hits video 

Beating of rapper in electric train hits video

The guards wanted to kick the guy out of the car for loud music.

Two guards had a fight with a musician who loudly raped in an electric train in the Moscow region.

The incident between the young man and two guards occurred in an electric train car near the Odintsovo station. The guy raping in the train to earn extra money, Podmoskovye Segodnya reports. The rapper did not set the proper sound level for his speakers, so fellow travelers reported him to guards.

“The guards wanted to kick him out, but the guy just didn’t want to get out. A fight began, and then I saw the rapper lying on the floor, being held by two guards. One of them had a bloody nose,” eyewitness Pavel Volin said.

A footage of the incident showing the guards holding the man down has appeared on the net. In the video, the young man demands to call the police and ambulance. At the end of the video, a train driver’s voice is heard on the speakerphone: “How much longer will you fight?” As a result, the guards managed to kick the rapper out.

Video: Showdown in electric train

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