“Beaten to death by “authorities.” Chelyabinsk colony prisoner dies under strange circumstances

“Beaten to death by “authorities.” Chelyabinsk colony prisoner dies under strange circumstances

The media write that the Federal Penitentiary Service is trying to hush up the story.

The Chelyabinsk region saw a prisoner dying in correctional colony-1, located in Kopeysk, pens Znak.com with reference to a source in the investigative authorities.

The cause of death has not been established yet, a forensic examination is being carried out. According to the source, there are no injuries on the prisoner's body, according to some information, he could have died from drug overdose.

At the same time, human rights activist Valeriya Prikhodkina wrote on Facebook that she got information from the colony. According to her data, the deceased's name is Yevgeny Kudinov, and on November 11 he was “cruelly beaten to death” by local ‘authorities.’

Prikhodkina also specifies the probable cause of the conflict - the mafia enforcers ostensibly did not like the fact that Kudinov abused spice.

“He was severely beaten and tortured so that he would tell where he got [the drugs] and with whom he smoked; after long beatings, Kudinov turned blue and stopped showing signs of life, the staff of the medical unit could not do anything, the prison management is trying to cover up this situation and not to make it public, ” Prikhodkina quotes a message from the colony.

Unnamed sources of the human rights defender also clarify that the incident took place in the third detachment, where there are "lots of witnesses." After the death of Kudinov, high-ranking officers from the regional department of the Federal Penitentiary Service arrived in the colony and "instructed the administration how to cover up the tracks." Prikhodkina adds that the deceased has four children left.



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