"Beat and tore off clothes." Ufa investigator describes harassment by police officers

"Beat and tore off clothes." Ufa investigator describes harassment by police officers
The injured girl

The girl described in detail what happened on the night of October 30.

The testimony of the female interrogator raped by the Ufa MIA chiefs became known. She furnished the investigators with the details of what the three police officers did to her on the night of October 30th.

According to the investigating officer, the night before, she received a call from the department and was persistently invited to a feast. She agreed and drove an official car to arrive to the district police station by the evening. According to Sagitova, as Komsomolskaya Pravda pens, at first she and three of her colleagues - currently the former Head of the Interior Ministry’s department for Ufimsky district, Colonel Eduard Matveyev, 50-year-old Head of the Interior Ministry’s department for Karmaskalinsky district, Lieutenant Colonel Salavat Galiyev, and 34-year-old Head of the Migration Issues Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ufimsky district, Major Pavel Yaromchuk, -  drank alcohol.

At some point, the girl realized that men perceived her "as a sexual object." She tried to leave the office, but she was impeded.

At the beginning, the bosses beat Leysan (she claims that several hard blows were struck), and then began tearing off her clothes. She was not able to escape.

Then the men alternately raped Sagitova and inclined her to other acts of sexual violence.

She left the Migration Department only at five in the morning. Shortly after that Leysan wrote a statement against the rapists.

Now the former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Matveyev, Galiyev and Yaromchuk are under arrest.

As The CrimeRussia previously reported, 51-year-old Eduard Matveyev had been long acquainted with the girl, as well as with her father, Deputy Head of the regional Rosgvardia department. Moreover, it was Matveyev that got Sagitova a job after she graduated from the law school.



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