Bastrykin: "Case of 'drunken' boy killed in car accident must be referred to ICR"

Bastrykin: "Case of 'drunken' boy killed in car accident must be referred to ICR"
Chairman of the Investigation Committee Aleksandr Bastrykin

If the supervisory authority of the Moscow region refuses to refer the criminal case, the ICR will ensure this at the level of the Prosecutor General's Office.

Chairman of the Investigation Committee Aleksandr Bastrykin has instructed the head of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate for the Moscow region to get the criminal case of the car accident in Balashikha, which had claimed the life of a 6-year-old boy, referred to the Russian Investigative Committee.

The ICR's official message says that it is necessary "for a full and objective investigation" of the tragic incident, the investigation results of which have caused a loud public outcry.

If the supervisory authority refuses to satisfy the request at the regional level, the issue of the proceedings transfer will be resolved with the leadership of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, the ICR press service says in the message.

Let us recall that the tragic accident took place on April 23 in the Moscow region's Balashikha.

31-year-old Olga Alisova was driving her Hyundai Solaris between apartment houses when she hit the 6-year-old child, accompanied by his grand father. The pensioner was carrying the child’s bicycle at the moment and did not manage to react on time. According to the eyewitnesses, after hitting the boy, she did not stop and continued driving, dragging him for about 10 meters more.

In June, the investigator gave the deceased boy's father a medical examination report that said that 2.7 per mille alcohol (which corresponds to one bottle of vodka, a lethal dose for a child) was found in the child's body. 

After that, Alyosha Shimko’s parents appealed to the Investigative Committee, demanding a repeated comprehensive examination.

The dead boy's family also said that during the investigation of the criminal case, which had not been initiated more than a month after the accident, witnesses were put under pressure. When the case was initiated, it turned out that some of the evidence had been destroyed, namely, records from the CCTV cameras in the area of the accident were missing.

Commenting on the row erupted, the accused Olga Alisova said that she did not believe that the child was drunk. It is noteworthy that according to the Mash community, Alisova's husband is a member of the local organized crime group, responsible for kidnapping, murder, robbery, extortion, and rape.

Let us recall that June 16, the ICR instituted criminal proceedings into the issuance of an expert opinion on the alcoholic intoxication of the deceased child under Article 293 of the Russian Criminal Code (Negligence). As it was previously reported, expert Mikhail Kleymenov, who had signed the report, later told that he had simply took a sample of the biological material and sent it to a Moscow clinic that sent him the results.



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