Bastrykin suggests Kerch shooter had accomplices

Bastrykin suggests Kerch shooter had accomplices
Alexander Bastrykin

The ICR is looking for someone who helped Roslyakov enter through the emergency exit to the school building.

Head of the ICR, Alexander Bastrykin, believes that the Kerch college student who shot students, was helped to enter the building. Most likely, the shooter Vladislav Roslyakov was helped to enter the college through the emergency exit, where he opened fire and blew a homemade bomb. This opinion was voiced by Bastrykin in an interview with Peterburgsky Yurist.

He explained his point of view: the video shows that the killer is calm, he acts very clearly.

“Someone was obviously helping him to get in, he thought about how he would enter through the emergency entrance, the route, he changed his clothes, put all these clothes of Columbine, first blew up the dining room, then went to kill, calmly, with restraint, in the library, like Columbine," said the head of the ICR.

Bastrykin also tried to explain the motives of the shooter. He believes that in the case of Roslyakov, social protest and disorder in life have provoked hatred for fellow students. But indicated that this is still a preliminary version.

The students described Roslyakov as a reserved person, "a little bit weird", but at the same time disciplined, not drinking and not smoking.

Earlier, the head of the ICR stated that the Kerch shooter could have committed a crime because of the bullying of classmates, that he could not buy clothes of famous brands.

As a result of the shooting at the Polytechnic College on October 17, 2018, 15 students and 5 employees of the educational institution were killed, 50 people were shot and wounded. Roslyakov killed himself. The criminal case was retrained from the article “Terrorist attack” to the article “Murder of two or more persons in a generally dangerous way.”



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