Bastrykin’s assistant to visit Psebay where mother of many children was brutally murdered

Bastrykin’s assistant to visit Psebay where mother of many children was brutally murdered
Natalya Dmitrieva

Igor Komissarov will personally attend the meeting of Psebay villagers to listen to their theories about the possible involvement of the teenagers suspected of the murder in other offenses.

Tomorrow, on May 24, the meeting of Aleksandr Bastrykin’s Senior Assistant and Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Igor Komissarov, with the residents of the Psebay village, where the mother of many children Natalya Dmitrieva had been brutally murdered, will take place.

People are concerned about the crime situation in the village so that Komissarov will listen to their versions about the possible involvement of the adolescents in other offenses.

As reported by the ICR, the information received during the meeting will be legally assessed. The case of the woman’s murder is investigated by the ICR Main Investigations Directorate.

To recall, during the night of May 14, Natalya Dmitrieva, the mother of five children, was brutally murdered in the village of Psebay. According to the investigation, on the evening of May 13, a group of teenagers was at the same café where Natalya and her friend were sitting. One of them, 16-year-old young man offered to walk the 40-y.o. woman home. His 20-y.o. friend went with them.

After that, somewhere along the way, they started beating up the woman, then raped and strangled her. They hid the disfigured body in the bushes.

According to a local paramedic, the victim had numerous hematomas, her mouth was torn, the earlobe was cut off, internal organs were torn out, and the skull was broken.

The two suspects have been detained. 4 days after the murder, on May 18, the residents held a meeting, which was attended by the siloviki, who assured the villagers that they would take the investigation's progress under their control.

Two days later, on May 21, village head Pavel Zharkov resigned; he will be replaced by his deputy Aleksey Bukin.



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