Bastrykin refers Chemodanovka murder case to Moscow

Bastrykin refers Chemodanovka murder case to Moscow
Alexander Bastrykin

The IC is resolving the petition for the election of a preventive measure to two detainees in the case.

The investigation into the murder of a Chemodanovka resident during a mass brawl has been referred to the ICR Main Investigations Directorate by the decision of Head of the Committee, Alexander Bastrykin.

He demanded to identify all the perpetrators, including officials and law enforcement officers. Bastrykin asked for a strict legal assessment of “connivance” on the part of responsible persons.

Now the IC will establish the causes and conditions of the incident, as well as all possible prerequisites. Moscow investigator forensic specialists have been already sent to Moscow.

Currently, three defendants in the case have been detained. The Committee is deciding on their preventive measure.

June 13, there was a mass brawl in the Penza region’s Chemodanovka, during which a local resident was killed.



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