Bashkiria: video of police fighting with bar visitors hits web 

Bashkiria: video of police fighting with bar visitors hits web
Photo: Screenshot from video

A mass brawl occurred in one of the bars of Ufa at the end of January, but it became known only now.

In late January, a mass brawl took place in one of the bars at Gostinny Dvor in Ufa. The police beat two young people, the Bashkortostan State TV and Radio Company reported.

The brawl got on video from the bar surveillance cameras: the shots show how one of the young people repeatedly strikes his interlocutor in the course of a conversation. The young people were separated, but soon the conversation continued in another place, where the same young man again began to strike first. Others arrived to the rescue of young people, and so, as a result of the fight, two young guys suffered.

The young men, as it turned out later, the brothers, had moderate injuries: one of them had a nose injury, the other had an eye injury and a head injury.

According to the victim’s sister, on the same day, after a scuffle, young people were illegally taken to police station No. 9, where it turned out that the attackers were employees of the patrol and inspection service.

An application was filed with the police, the beatings were registered, but the case has not yet been given a turn, and the patrol and inspection service officers are still not suspended from service. The sister of the victims suspects that they just want to burke the case.

But as reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Bashkortostan, an official audit is currently being conducted on this fact. The circumstances of the incident are being established. According to the results of the service audit, a decision will be made on bringing the guilty employees to the responsibility established by law, up to dismissal from the internal affairs bodies on negative grounds.

Video: Employees of MIA Directorate for Bashkortostan beat people in a bar on January 27, 2019



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