Terrorist Basayev's gang member extradited to Russia

Terrorist Basayev's gang member extradited to Russia
Aslan Yandiev

Slovakia has extradited Aslan Yandiev.

The Slovak authorities granted the request of the special services of the Russian Federation and extradited 40-year-old native of Ingushetia Aslan Yandiev, who was put on the international wanted list for alleged involvement in a series of terrorist attacks in Vladikavkaz. The Public Relations Center of the FSB reports this.

According to the department, Yandiev was a member of Shamil Basayev's gang.

"Russia’s FSB, together with the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Russian Interior Ministry’s National Central Bureau of Interpol and Russia’s Federal Penitentiary Service, organized the extradition of Yandiyev (born in 1978) from Slovakia to Russia," the message says.

The FSB alleges that Yandiev was involved in organizing and committing a series of terrorist attacks using improvised explosive devices in Vladikavkaz in 2006; civilians left dead.

Yandiev evaded criminal prosecution by absconding from the country in 2010 using a fake passport and an attempt to legalize his status in Switzerland, the Netherlands and other European countries, but in 2011 he was detained in Slovakia and placed under extradition arrest.



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