Barvikha female police officers drive posh foreign vehicles 

Barvikha female police officers drive posh foreign vehicles
Investigator of the Department of Internal Affairs of Barvikha Tatyana Pekareva

Women have a passion for cars worth at least 1 million rubles ($17 thousand).

Female employees of the Barvikha Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) drive luxurious cars the cost of which is from 1 to 2 million rubles ($17 and $34 thousand accordingly). At the same time these women earn from 35 to 60 thousand rubles ($590 – $1000).

Web-based media Life published a video depicting police employees driving up to their place of work in top-class foreign cars. Thus, 26-year-old police lieutenant and investigator Tatyana Pekareva drives Infiniti M costing a bit less than a million rubles ($17 thousand). In social networks she published videos showing how she drifts on the ice in her foreign car in Odintsovo district. In comments to the videos she admitted that this way she "let her steam off ", apparently, after ‘hard’ work.

Judging by the other posts in the social network, a young police officer does not take interest in her activity in law enforcement agencies. She numerously complains that she has to sit in the office on sunny days.

The CrimeRussia revealed that Pekareva purchased Infiniti M in 2013, before she drove a little more modest car – Toyota Camry.


However, already in June 2016 the Barvikha DIA investigator tried to get rid of the Infiniti. She advertised the sale on websites. Interestingly, Pekareva indicated the cost at 715 thousand rubles ($12 thousand) on one portal, while on the other one the price was 680 thousand rubles ($11.4 thousand).


When it comes to the other employees of Barvikha DIA, 32-year-old police department supply manager Natalya Soldatenkova loves executive-class cars as well. The woman with a salary of 35 thousand rubles ($590) owns Infiniti Q50 worth 2.2 million rubles ($37 thousand). Police HR specialist Irina Kirdyapkina gains 40 thousand rubles ($700), but prefers to be on the road in Nissan X-Trail worth 1.5 million rubles ($25 thousand).



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