Barbaric ‘amusement’: officials shooting hares, beavers and wild boars  

Barbaric ‘amusement’: officials shooting hares, beavers and wild boars
‘Royal hunt’ - officials killed over 170 hares and paved a road with animal corpses

In 2017, Vologda officials allowed the mass shooting of ‘surplus’ beavers, wild boars, and wolves, while in the Krasnodar region, officials killed more than 170 hares in one day and laid out a ‘walk of corpses.’

In the Vologda region, officials from the Department for the Protection, Control and Regulation of Wildlife Use allowed the mass shooting of beavers, wild boars, and wolves living in the region’s hunting areas. They promulgated such decision on the ‘regulation’ of the number of animals as early as December 28, 2016; the permission to shoot is effective from January 1 to December 31, 2017.

The Vologda regional authorities attributed such a barbaric decision to the fact that these measures were taken "in order to protect public health, eliminate the threat to human life, protect agricultural and other domestic animals against diseases, and prevent damage to the national economy, wildlife and its habitat."

In particular, according to officials, beavers are harmful not only to the national economy, but also, paradoxically, to the habitat of wildlife.

As for wild boars, inhabiting the forests of the Vologda region, they were allowed to kill because these animals can spread the African swine fever virus (ASFV). In addition, local authorities considered wild boars dangerous to human life and health in case injured or sick animals wander into town or village. Among other things, the Vologda officials believe "the boars may trample downcrops and thereby cause damage to the national economy."

The local authorities permitted the mass slaughter of wolves for the sake of ‘care’ of human health and safety of farm animals and the national economy.

While the Vologda officials made the slightest attempt to explain such cruelty to animals, in the Krasnodar region, things are much more hopeless. In early January 2016, photos showing the officials’ ‘royal hunt’ appeared online. They staged a mass shooting of hares, killing more than 170 animals in one day, and then paved a road with animal corpses, taking pictures against this background for the fun of it.


According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, this carnage occurred in the Leningrad district of Krasnodar region in the territory of the regional public organization of hunters and fishermen back in January 2015. Despite the fact that no permission was granted to hunters for the mass killing of animals, a total of 176 hares was killed. According to media, the hunters included the head of the Leningrad district of Krasnodar region, several judges, and former employee of the Federal Drug Control Service.


Criminal proceedings have been instituted in this case due to the public efforts; independent experts have estimated the damage caused by animal slaughter at 730 thousand rubles. However, later the case was soft-pedaled and terminated, citing the fact that the hare is not listed in the Red Book, and the mass shooting does not harm the animal population.



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