Balashikha: Police busts neo-Nazi’s explosives lab

Balashikha: Police busts neo-Nazi’s explosives lab

Investigators discovered the explosives lab owner has links to the White Wolfs neo-Nazi organization. The lab was run in a regular apartment building.

Russian FSB bomb-disposal experts raided the explosives lab on October 27. The lab was run in an apartment kitchen in Balashikha (Moscow region), according to Kommersant. The raid went on for several hours; the apartment building residents were evacuated. The lab owner has connections to the White Wolfs neo-Nazi organization, as it turned out. White Wolfs had been convicted of numerous attacks and murders a few years back.

The police learned about the lab after the owner was hospitalized following an accidental explosion. The owner suffered a serious eye injury and lost a finger on his left hand. He was charged with violation of Article 213 (Vandalism) of the Russian Criminal Code; the police searched his apartment on the Rechnaya Street and found the lab there. Components for explosives were stored in plastic containers and flasks all around the apartment, including the balcony.

Russian FSB bomb-disposal experts and EMERCOM were sent there; they evacuated the residents. The components were said to not be transportable. Some contemplated disposing of them right there. However, they were placed into a blast-proof container and taken outside using ramps at about 3 PM. They were then loaded into a car and taken for disposal. The residents were then allowed to return to their homes.

30-year-old Anton Zybaylo is the lab owner; he has been severely injured and is in intensive care now. A homemade bomb detonated in his hands in the Kosino district on the evening of October 25. The police found traces of explosives there and decided to search Zybaylo’s apartment.

Zybaylo had contacts with Aleksey Shakhovsky who had been prosecuted for affiliation with White Wolfs whose members had been convicted of attacks and murders in 2010. International chess master Sergey Nikolaev was one of White Wolfs’s victims.

Zybaylo may face more serious charges due to his affiliation with White Wolfs. The police is investigating whether neo-Nazis were going to use the explosives.



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