Bailiffs praise streetracer Bagdasaryan for diligence and discipline

Bailiffs praise streetracer Bagdasaryan for diligence and discipline
Mara Bagdasaryan

The notorious Moscow streetracer Mara Bagdasaryan is on the straight and narrow now.

During a recent press conference, bailiffs told the media that the girl attends the compulsory work on time and observes labor discipline.

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the court sentenced her to 595 hours of corrective work in Zhilishchnik State Institution, Sokol district. According to the latest data, she has already worked off 427 hours. The bailiffs note that Bagdasaryan became more disciplined and hard-working.

Previously, the infamous streetracer had been repeatedly detained for violation of traffic rules. In January this year, the court sentenced her to correctional labor. In addition, she was also arrested for 15 days in prison. To evade the court-appointed work, she obtained a fake sick leave certificate and was convicted of forging documents. Among other things, the court decided to deprive the girl of her driver's license, since doctors diagnosed her with epilepsy after one of the latest road accidents. From now on, Mara Bagdasaryan can only drive a car if she gets an official permission from the doctors. 



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