Bailiffs close part of Uralmash-linked vegetable warehouse in Yekaterinburg

Bailiffs close part of Uralmash-linked vegetable warehouse in Yekaterinburg

The enterprise will no longer be able to exploit its part of the market building on Zavokzalnaya Street.

The bailiffs have banned using the premises of Yekaterinburg’s Vegetable Warehouse No. 4, which is located on Zavokzalnaya Street, the regional Federal Bailiffs Service reported in a press release.

The restrictive measures were taken in accordance with the court decision made on the suit of the deputy prosecutor of the city’s Zheleznodorozhny district.

The supervisory authority representative was able to convince the court that the building was a part of an unfinished structure, and therefore was a threat to people and could not be exploited further.

The owner of the organization rented out the first floor in violation of many rules.

It is noteworthy that Vegetable Warehouse No. 4 is in the criminal chronicles not for the first time. Viktor Konteev, the former deputy head of the Yekaterinburg administration, was sentenced to 18 years in a strict-regime colony in 2014, for the seizure of the warehouse property and incitement to the murder of two members of the Uralmash syndicate, who had made it difficult to deliver fruits and vegetables to an outlet.

Last April, Irina Makarova, the warehouse bankruptcy trustee, attempted to inspect the company and her visit nearly escalated to an armed clash. In December 2017, there was a gunfight with two injured at the vegetable warehouse.

Ivan Obukhov, the former warehouse head, is currently serving a sentence under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code ("Attempted swindling committed by an organised group on an especially large scale").



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