Bagdasaryan’s driving license might be revoked for life

Bagdasaryan’s driving license might be revoked for life
Mara Bagdasaryan

The Prosecutor’s Office has already filed a lawsuit against the reckless driver.

The Moscow Prosecutor's Office has requested the court to sentence Mara Bagdasaryan to disqualification from driving for life for her infamous recklessness on the road.

Earlier, the Prosecutor's Office had reported that the traffic offender had a disease that is contraindication to driving.

"We have to eliminate the threat on her part for the safety of other road users," Elena Rossokhina from the supervisory authority explained.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, on Jan. 12, the Magistrate's Court sentenced a young women who together with her friends was attempting to get away from the police on a Gelandewagen, to 15 days of custody for evasion from compulsory work. Earlier, the court had sentenced the woman to 595 hours of work for numerous traffic violations and non-payment of fines. After the arrest, the defendant’s lawyer David Kemularia spoke to REN TV of his client’s health problems. He said that Mara Bagdasaryan had split liver in 6 places (after a car accident), "not a fully functioning heart," and that the woman suffers from epilepsy seizures.

We should mention that according to RF Government Decree 1604 of 29.12.2014, epilepsy is a contraindication to driving in the country.



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