Badri Shengeliya who turned in ‘St. Petersburg night governor’ and Colonel Maksimenko shot in the head 

Badri Shengeliya who turned in ‘St. Petersburg night governor’ and Colonel Maksimenko shot in the head
Shengeliya’s riddled car

His car was found today on the 21st kilometer of Novopriozerskoe Highway.

Gangland businessman Badri Shengeliya was killed today in the Leningrad region. His car riddled with bullets was found in a ditch near Novopriozerskoe Highway. This is reported by Fontanka.

Judging by the bullet marks on the Mercedes, at least six shots were fired at the car, and the businessman himself lost half of his head. 

It appears that the attack was made when he was traveling along a road; after the car was riddled, the driver lost control of it and drove off of the road.

Currently, law enforcers are establishing all circumstances surrounding the incident. 

Badri Shengeliya

Badri Shengeliya

Badri Shengeliya was an infamous St. Petersburg perpetrator of illegal seizures with links to criminal underworld and law enforcement bodies. He had had a prior criminal record. He became the prototype of one of the heroes of Andrey Konstantinov's Bandit Petersburg

In 2001, Badri Shengeliya was convicted for Swindling by the City Court of St. Petersburg. He was released from punishment due to his poor health and then acquitted. In 2006, Shengeliya was detained on suspicion of a number of illegal seizures throughout the North-West. Only an episode related to the seizure of OOO Stroydizayn’s building worth 35 million rubles ($514,325) made it to the Court. During the preliminary investigation, he fully admitted his guilt and compensated the victim for the damage suffered. On February 5, 2008, the Court found Shengeliya guilty and sentenced him to two years and nine months’ ordinary imprisonment.

It is considered that it was thanks to his testimony that the ‘Night Governor’ of St. Petersburg and the alleged founder of the Tambovskie OCG – Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) – was detained in 2007. Shengeliya told the investigators that he had personally heard Kumarin giving orders for seizures and murders.

Recently, Shengeliya’s name had once again appeared in connection with the case of ICR Colonel Mikhail Maksimenko. In particular, in February this year, he said in the Moscow City Court that they had communicated with Head of the ICR Department for Interagency Cooperation and Internal Security Mikhail Maksimenko since 2007.

And in 2015, according to Shengeliya, the colonel achieved – in exchange for a 50-thousand-dollar bribe – the initiation of a criminal case against siloviki, who had allegedly stolen a Hublot watch from the businessman. In turn, for Maksimenko, the goal was to have Head of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate in St. Petersburg, Aleksandr Klaus, suspended, as the former had a conflict with him.

Later, at the next hearing, Head of the Operations and Search Division No. 5 of the MIA General Administration in St. Petersburg Roman Polozaev confirmed that Maksimenko did aim to control the activity of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate in St. Petersburg. However, he called Shengeliya a fraudster.

According to Polozaev, in 2014, a gang of Dagestani natives stole a batch of expensive watches with a total cost of almost 20 million rubles ($293,881) in the Leningrad region. St. Petersburg investigators received information on an attempt to sell the stolen goods. A group of persons, including Shengeliya, was detained in the Pulkovskaya hotel. According to a witness, the businessman's personal watch was not part of this case. Later, Shengeliya was detained during a mob summit organized by the thief in law Malkhaz Kotov. Polozaev stressed that all Shengeliya’s personal property was returned to him in the police department, however, he later filed a report on theft. According to Polozaev, Moscow investigators intentionally misinterpreted the conversation, in which he had mentioned other watches.

Caption Photo: Badri Shengeliya’s riddled car
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