Badri Shengelia tried to flight from his murderers 

Badri Shengelia tried to flight from his murderers
Badri Shengelia

‘Authoritative’ businessman detected the trail and tried to escape.

The killer on white Mercedes GL persecuted the car of authoritative businessman Badri Shengelia before to open fire on black Mercedes S500. The entrepreneur noticed a trail behind him and tried to escape, playing ‘checkers’ on Novopriozerskoye Highway. Foreign cars took run speeding 150-200 kph, 47news writes.

Nevertheless, Badri Shengelia could not escape from the killer. The assassin released dozens of bullets from the Kalashnikov assault rifle. Several bullets overtook the targets. Black Mercedes hit the marbles, plowed a drainage ditch and drove another hundred meters along the grass. Shengelia died on the spot.


The law enforcement officers found a Grand Power traumatic pistol at the deceased. The weapons were probably useless.

Let us remind you that Badri Shengelia was a witness and testified in at least two high-profile criminal cases. It was believed that the ‘night governor’ of the northern capital, Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin), was detained in 2007 precisely because of Shengelia's testimony. Kumarin stated that the murdered man testified only in the first trial against him - in the case of extortion. Also, Shengelia also witnessed the case of bribes to Colonel Mikhail Maksimenko.

In September of this year, the ‘authoritative’ businessman was to participate in an operational experiment to transfer a bribe to one of the top managers of Russian Railways. Author of Evgeny Vyshenkov, who was acquainted with Shengelia for many years, stated this.

Law enforcers conducted a search in the apartment of dead Badri Shengeliya and found spy gear. Cassette recorders and disks were observed; there was compromising evidence on his business partners and possible enemies. All equipment was seized. The investigators will study the compromising material collected by the ‘authoritative’ businessman in the hope of reaching the trail of the killers.



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