Azov: unknown person brakes policemen’s jaw near police department 

Azov: unknown person brakes policemen’s jaw near police department
The detained hooligan

The man entered the territory of the police department and assaulted a guard.

In Azov, in the courtyard of the local police department, a 35-year-old man beat a duty officer’s assistant and broke his jaw. The assault was caught on CCTV. The offender was put in the detention facility, and then transferred to the ICR, the regional publication reports.

The man attacked the policeman after being asked to leave the depatrment’s courtyard. After the detention, the hooligan continued to insult the MIA officers and demanded to call the entire composition of the ICR.

“A citizen came into the police department and began to behave obnoxiously. After that, the policemen detained the man and handed him over to the ICR’s Investigation Department of the City of Azov for the Rostov Region for further investigation,” the press service of the MIA’s Main Directorate for the Rostov Region confirmed.

The injured policeman



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