Azimov's family leaves Russia 6 months before St. Petersburg terrorist act

Azimov's family leaves Russia 6 months before St. Petersburg terrorist act
Abror Azimov

The wife and young daughter of the alleged accomplice of Jalilov, the suicide bomber, Abror Azimov are in Kyrgyzstan.

The family, namely the wife and daughter of alleged accomplice in the terrorist act in the St. Petersburg metro Abror Azimov left Russia last year, news agency reported on Tuesday with reference to the suspect's relatives.

"In 2014 Abror married. His wife together with her child came to Kyrgyzstan last year. His daughter has a congenital trauma; the girl needs treatment", – the agency writes. Relatives of the suspect do not believe that he could be involved in the terrorist act in the metro of St. Petersburg, and suppose that he was framed.

According to the relatives of the detainee, he and his elder brother "never were religious zealots and did not go to the mosque". Abror's wife confirmed that her husband had indeed been in Turkey, but en route from Seoul.

According to the agency, the brothers of Azimov left Kyrgyzstan for Ukraine in 2009. But in late 2013 they moved to Russia, where they began to work in a sushi bar in the Moscow region. "They lived in a rented apartment. And their wives are in Kyrgyzstan with their mother-in-law", – the relatives say.

Members of Azimov’s family also reported that Akram arrived in Kyrgyzstan for treatment on March 27, and on April 15 he was operated in Jalal-Abad. "Akram was taken away straight from the hospital ward by officers of the regional department of the State Committee for National Security on Saturday. However, he never returned to the hospital or his home. The State Committee for National Security also claim that they released him on the same day", – the agency informs citing the aunt of the brothers.

As The CrimeRussia has written earlier, at the court session on Tuesday, April 18, Abror Azimov pleaded guilty to involvement in the terrorist attack in the St. Petersburg metro, but stated that he did not act alone, but carried out orders.

The FSB assume that Azimov "prepared suicide bomber" Akbarzhon Jalilov, who on April 3 blew up a bomb on the runway between stations Sennaya Ploshchad and Technologichesky Institut. The terrorist attack resulted in death of 15 people and injured more than 60.



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