Authoritative collectors bone breakers go behind bars

Authoritative collectors bone breakers go behind bars
Head of the collection agency Avtoritet (Authority) Alexander Tsarapkin

The gang consisted of a former Russian Military Intelligence officer and "meatheads".

The Lefortovo Court of Moscow has sentenced a gang of collectors, whose members chased up debts from businessmen, who owed large sums to banks and their business partners. The collectors acted harshly: the victims were beaten, have their arms broken, their cars burned, and were threatened to be infected with deadly viruses, in particular HIV.

On the dock there were: the head of collection company Avtoritet Alexander Tsarapkin, the ex-employee of the Russian Military Intelligence Igor Matveyev, a professional bodybuilder Ivan Gruzdev, a powerlifting competitor Yuri Dudar.

Their main criminal episode was chasing up money from the businessman Vladimir Michelson, who owed more than 28 million rubles to the Italian tycoon Lamberto Pacini. In September 2013, three strong men brutally beat Michelson on the street in Moscow. Four days later, some Semyon Mikhailovich (as the investigation found out, it was Igor Matveev) called the businessman’s mother-in-law and was threatening her. On September 9, the collectors attacked the businessman’s wife, wounded her several times with an awl and promised to infect her with HIV. Michelson began to negotiate the payment of the part of the debt, but Semyon Mikhailovich was not satisfied, and soon the businessman's wife’s car burned in a parking lot. Then, the family left the capital and decided to hide in the province, but a group of collectors caught up with them there. Michelson was beaten on the street, they broke his arms, legs, and ribs. Then, the couple turned to law enforcement agencies.

It took the operatives almost a year to reconstruct the events and to establish the participants of the crime (the suspects were detained and put in jail until the summer of 2014). As it turned out, the tycoon Lamberto Pacini addressed the Metropolitan collection company Avtoritet headed by Alexander Tsarapkin. Former employee of the Ministry of Defense Igor Matveyev looked for for performers for each order. For the chasing up the money, Matveyev hired professional athletes: Ivan Gruzdev and Yuri Dudar. Both young men officially worked as personal trainers in one of the Moscow fitness clubs. According to the investigators, it was the “meatheads” who did the dirty jobs. It is to be noted that in the course of the investigation, the detectives found several victims of the collection company.

The Lefortovo Court of Moscow considered the materials regarding Alexander Tsarapkin, Igor Matveev, Ivan Gruzdev, and Yuri Dudar from June 2016. On the eve, the Court found them guilty of extortion and deliberate destruction of property, Rosbalt reports. Tsarapkin was sentenced to 7 years in prison, Dudar and Matveev - 6.5 years, Gruzdev - 6 years.



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