Authoritative businessman Sergey Mikhaylov sues Navalny

Authoritative businessman Sergey Mikhaylov sues Navalny
Sergey Mikhaylov denying his connection with Solntsevskiye and thieves in law Lasha Shushanashvili, Yaponchik and Timokha

The entrepreneur frowns on the politician calling him Mikhas.

Sergey Mikhaylov, whom the media has been calling the leader of Solntsevskaya gang for many years, filed a lawsuit against the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) and its head Alexey Navalny in the Lyublinsky District Court of Moscow. As suggested by the Center for Investigation Management, Mikhaylov was inspired by the example of billionaire Alisher Usmanov, who recently has also sued the politician, deciding that FBK's materials defame his honor and dignity. 

At the same time, one of the lawyers of Mikhaylov Victoria Lurye said that she knew nothing about the lawsuit, noting that " Sergey Anatolyevich has many lawyers". 

Earlier in the investigation film of the FBK about the family of prosecutor Yury Chayka, it was said that the same person – Francois Tharin – rendered his mediation services in Switzerland to both Artem Chayka and Mikhaylov. In particular, he helped the latter back in the 90s to buy a villa and get a Swiss visa. Mikhaylov is described as "the criminal authority of the 80s and 90s", whom "Europe suspects of money laundering, organizing international prostitution, drug trafficking and ties with the mafia".

The Open Russia website specifies that in 1996 Mikhaylov was detained in Geneva on charges of participation in Solntsevskaya gang and spreading its activities in Switzerland. However, two years later, the jury found the charges groundless, and Mikhaylov collected more than half a million dollars from the Swiss authorities for a two-year stay in prison. According to Kommersant, Mikhaylov's first conviction was in 1984, when the Moscow City Court gave him a three-year suspended sentence on charges of swindling. 

Subsequently, Mikhaylov systematically worked to defend his name, regularly refuting all his mentions in the press as "the leader of Solntsevskaya gang". He was one of the first to take advantage of the "right to oblivion", having made sure that Yandex and Google concealed some of the results on requests about him.



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