Author of report on "honor killings" in Caucasus notices spying on her in Moscow

Author of report on "honor killings" in Caucasus notices spying on her in Moscow

The Legal Initiative researcher Saida Sirazhudinova at the All-Russian Civil Forum asked the representative of the mufti of Chechnya about the "honor killings" in Caucasus. And soon after that, she found herself under surveillance.

Mediazona reports this with reference to the representative of the Legal Initiative Ksenia Babich.

According to Babich, today, returning from the Legal Initiative office by metro the human rights activist drew attention to a young man who followed her from the office. He got into the same car with her, and then several times got off at the same stations as her. Frightened, Sirazhudinova was able to break away from him, leaving the car a second before the doors closed, Babich said.

According to Saida Sirazhudinova, the pursuer was a Chechen or Dagestani. And because of the length and complexity of the route of Saida, he was hardly an accidental companion.

Saida Sirazhudinova, together with Yulia Antonova, prepared a report of the Legal Initiative on the murders of women in the Caucasus in the name of “honor.”

In the North Caucasus, “honor killings” refer to the massacre by male relatives of women suspected (often on the basis of rumors or slander) of inappropriate sexual behavior from the family’s point of view. According to the authors of the report, in the period from 2008 to 2017, there were 33 such cases, as a result of which 39 people were killed, of whom 36 were women (92.3%) and three men.

At the All-Russian Civil Forum, Sirazhudinova asked the representative of the mufti of Chechnya, Rustam Abazov, about the killings. After the forum, according to Babich, Abazov tried to talk to the researcher and convince her in the opposite position.

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