AUE sites blocked en masse in Chelyabinsk

AUE sites blocked en masse in Chelyabinsk

Texts and photos promoting criminal values and the destructive culture of AUE were posted on the pages of the Vkontakte groups.

Several sites promoting the values of the criminal environment among adolescents have been revealed and closed in Chelyabinsk, the prosecutor's office of Kalininsky district of the city told URA.RU.

“Texts and photographs promoting criminal values and the destructive culture of AUE (Convict’s Codex is Unified movement, involving teenagers in crime) were posted on the group’s pages on Vkontakte. Page visitors were urged to disobey law enforcement agencies and to use force against police officers. There were also kid of illustrated 'instructions' for growing cannabis, production and use of drugs,” Elena Sanatina, a senior assistant to the district prosecutor, told URA.RU.

Access to public pages, copying and distribution of the information contained therein was available to any user. The photos depicted adolescents using tobacco and alcohol, as well as with firearms. At this stage, two sites have already been blocked, another two claims of the prosecutor's office will be considered in court, the supervisory authority added.

February 19, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev stated that in 2018 the number of especially grave crimes committed by teenagers has soared in the Chelyabinsk and Tyumen regions by more than 55%. At the same time, the tendency was directly connected with the activity of AUE.

Bursts of AUE crimes were also recorded in Yugra. Last year AUE advocates from orphanages that attacked the police received real terms in the Kurgan region. They were leaving the courtroom smiling.



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