Attorney of woman who ran over 'drunk' child says why medical examination report was forged

Attorney of woman who ran over 'drunk' child says why medical examination report was forged
Olga Alisova’s attorney Nataliya Urakina Photo:

Olga Alisova’s attorney said her client is devastated and feels very sorry about the terrible car accident.

31-year-old Olga Alisova’s attorney Nataliya Urakina told journalist who could benefit from the forgery. Her client did not even think of affecting the examination, according to the attorney.

“It could be the people who did not install speed bumps, was paid for that, and did not install road signs in the area. Yet, the money had been allocated for this. It is no coincidence the CCTV footage of the whole district disappeared, as I learned from a representative of the victims,” according to Urakina, as quoted by

The attorney said it is unlikely it were utility workers. She said it must be “the people who give them orders, someone from the police.” The attorney emphasized neither she nor her client believed the report.

May we remind you that the accident happened in the Zheleznodorojny District, Balashikha on April 23. 31-year-old Olga Alisova was driving her Hyundai Solaris between apartment houses when she hit the child. She did not stop and continued driving, dragging him for about 10 meters more. The child died as a result. The car was driving at about 50-60 km/h while the driver was speaking on her phone, according to eyewitnesses. Alisova said the child was at fault because he threw himself in front of her car. 6-year-old Aleksey Shimko was on his way home after going for a walk with his grandfather. He did not notice the car. The pensioner was holding the child’s bicycle at the moment and did not manage to react on time.

Strange things began happening afterwards. First, the parents had to fight for almost a month for the police to open a criminal case where Alisova would be listed as a suspect. Alisova has been accused and imposed travel restrictions on at the time of writing. Later, the medical examination report was published, claiming the child had drunk at least a bottle of vodka. Finally, CCTV footage of local cameras disappeared.

Expert Mikhail Kleymenov who signed the report told that he simply collected (biological) material and sent it to a Moscow clinic that later sent him the results that he signed without reading them. The doctor who performed medical examination of the material urgently took a vacation.

It is worth mentioning that Alisova’s husband is a local gang member responsible for kidnappings, murders, robberies, extortion, and rape, according to the Mash community.    



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