Attempted blow up of businessman from St. Petersburg in Bishkek 

Attempted blow up of businessman from St. Petersburg in Bishkek
Aleksandr Gaidukov

This is not the first attempt on Aleksandr Gaidukov; he was also shot in 2016. The businessman links the attempts to the corporate conflict in the company that produces spy equipment for Russian special services.

Around noon on August 10, there was an attack on businessman Aleksandr Gaidukov outside the branch of St. Petersburg NS Inform Consulting LLC, Fontanka reports. An explosive device with a capacity of about 150 grams in TNT equivalent stuffed with metal elements was detonated when Gaidukov was approaching the office. Gaidukov suffered minor shrapnel wounds.

This is not the first attempt on the businessman; in 2016, a killer shot him with a shot-gun. Gaidukov managed to hide from the gunfire behind a car’s open door. After that, the entrepreneur got himself personal security.

Gaidukov links both attempts to the corporate conflict in Spetsialnye Tekhnologii LLC, to which his company NS Inform Consulting, specializing in anti-crisis management and countering unfriendly takeovers, provides services. The businessman had to eliminate the corporate conflict in Spetsialnye Tekhnologii, which was executing state contracts for the development, production, and installation of spy equipment.

The fact is that in 2014, law enforcement bodies accused the owner of 51% stake in the company, Mikhail Serov, of committing sexual offenses against minors (Art. 134 and 135 of the Russian Criminal Code). However, Serov managed to abscond and leave Russia.  In January 2015, an international wanted notice was issued for him.

After the beginning of Serov’s prosecution, Spetsialnye Tekhnologii Chief Accountant Larisa Kuznetsova, who owned 49% stake at the time, organized the re-registration of the director's position from the former to herself. She explained her actions by reputation concerns.

Serov was not okay with Kuznetsova’s actions. He began – through intermediaries – to seek her replacement with another person as Spetsialnye Tekhnologii head. Then the former chief accountant resigned, gave the company the 49% stake, and demanded payment. Through concerted action by Kuznetsova and NS Inform Consulting LLC, the Arbitration Court ruled Spetsialnye Tekhnologii to compensate her 1.5 billion rubles ($22.4 million).

In turn, Serov transferred his stake in the company to his father, who applied to the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Moskovsky district of St. Petersburg with a statement about fraud allegedly committed by Kuznetsova. A criminal case was initiated against the woman. The Moskovsky District Court found her guilty of Swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code) and Money-laundering (part 4 of Art. 174.1). The case concerned two episodes, which had taken place before the said conflict. Kuznetsova pleaded guilty and is currently serving her sentence.

Despite the conviction, Gaidukov continued to represent the interests of the former chief accountant. According to him, the woman had been repeatedly forced to concede the right to claim 1.5 billion rubles, including under the threat of a new criminal prosecution.

Spetsialnye Tekhnologii changed its name to Orion LLC. In November 2016, on the application of Company Director Borisevich, a new criminal case was initiated, as part of which Kuznetsova was once again charged with swindling on an especially large scale. The investigation found that the agreement between Kuznetsova and Gaidukov’s company was fictitious and was intended solely for the withdrawal of 4 million rubles ($59.822). In December 2017, Investigator Igor Levchenko, who was in charge of this case, was detained on suspicion of attempted bribe-taking of 500 thousand euro. His case is currently being investigated by the ICR.

In February 2018, Gaidukov became a defendant in one of the cases against Kuznetsova. According to investigators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Moskovsky district of St. Petersburg, Gaidukov might commit the swindling together with Kuznetsova. In March, the businessman was put on the wanted list, however, in the summer, the City Court of St. Petersburg recognized the search warrant as unfounded and unlawful.

The businessman left Russia in October 2015 after receiving threats that "he will be shot.” He associates both subsequent attempts with the case of Spetsialnye Tekhnologii.



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